27 June, 2005

हिन्दी कितने पानी में

पिछले दिनों मे अनायास ही हिन्दी से जुडी कई अच्छी खबरें हाथ लगीं । ये खबरें संकेत कर रहीं थीं कि हिन्दी निरन्तर विश्वव्यापी होती जा रही है । इससे उत्साहित होकर मैने कुछ और कोशिश की और बहुत सारी सामग्री इकट्ठी हो गयी । इनको आप सभी के अवलोकनार्थ प्रस्तुत कर रहा हूँ ।

हिन्दी बोलने-समझने वाले लोग
1) Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world, after Chinese. (This ranking comes from estimates from the CIA World Factbook for the year 2000)

About 500 million people speak Hindi, in India and abroad, and the total number of people who can understand the language may be 800 million.

A 1997 survey found that 66% of all Indians can speak Hindi, and 77% of the Indians regard Hindi as "one language across the nation".

Outside of India, Hindi speakers are 100,000 in the USA; 685,170 in Mauritius; 890,292 in South Africa; 232,760 in Yemen; 147,000 in Uganda; 5,000 in Singapore; 20,000 in New Zealand; 30,000 in Germany.

Urdu, the official language of Pakistan, is spoken by about 41 million in Pakistan and other countries. Hindi is a minority language in a number of countries, including Fiji, Mauritius, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and United Arab Emirates.

Hindi is becoming international language

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Very few people in India are apposing Hindi but now Hindi is the most popular language in non-hindi speaking states of India. At the same time Hindi has become second language of UK as all the asians (including Sri Lankans) are using it as a link language. Same thing is happening in gulf countries. The Bollywood films are more popular than Hollywood films in the international market. No one can decrease the popularity of Hindi language as it is now not language of just north Indians.

हिन्दी टीवी

2) 70 to 85% of television news consumption in India is from Hindi Channels.

3) While English may be perceived as dominant language of TV , in south Asia , India's Hindi TV is the dominant language, transforming the neighbouring countries into little more than passive recipiants of Indian Hindi TV. [ Gateways of India’s Globalization ]

4) It is agreed that Hindi music generates higher ad revenue than English. “The new generation is fairly comfortable with all kinds of Hindi music which is why 80% of our content is in Hindi,” explains Channel [V] head honcho Amar Deb.

Music channels’ ad revenues playing at low key in 2004-05

5) The news channel boom is dominated by Hindi. Journalists today must either be bilingual, or perish .

Naturally, the pre-eminent language of television in India has to be Hindi. Entertainment channels like Zee realised this truth long ago, others (such as Star Plus) a little later. But news channels have woken up more recently .

G Krishnan, CEO of TV Today, recalls that when they thought of launching Aaj Tak, he faced large scale scepticism: "People felt Hindi was a bad idea. Why not English, they waid. But we said Hindi is understood and spoken by most Indians. So we would rather go for Hindi."

Why did it take so long for the People Who Matter to wake up and smell the chai? Perhaps because most of them were English-speaking. But today, English language journalists are cheerfully switching to Hindi - a good example is the number of English print journos who have joined the Hindi Star News. They realised that by going Hindi, they could reach out to a much, much larger audience than through English. They can become national stars overnight - not just stars in Delhi's India International Centre.

Says Arup Ghosh, who heads Sahara Samay, "I grew up in Lucknow and I'm fortunate that I'm bilingual and fluent in Hindi." Adds Ravina Raj Kohli, boss of the newly launched Star News channel, "Today you're dead if you're not bilingual."

Most importantly, it's okay to switch to Hindi, and it's terrific to be bilingual. So when did Hindi become 'okay'? When did it cease being 'vernac' and become hip? Says Kohli, "We used to sneer at songs like Kaliyon ka chaman. But today the Bappi Lahiri song is an international hit.

Most people send me SMSs in Hindi, though they may be in the Roman script." Recently, Amitabh Bachchan's class act in Kaun Banega Crorepati wowed everyone, English-wallahs, Hindi-wallahs, all.

6) Inventing our own model by VIR SANGHVI

Today’s TV scene looks something like this. The so-called international news channels that everyone predicted would dominate TV (BBC World and CNN) are watched so little that they don’t even show up on the charts. MTV, which has finally abandoned its reservations and gone filmi, only has a minor presence as does Channel V (neither makes much of a profit). The English-speaking elite watches Star News (on the Murdoch platform but produced by an Indian provider, NDTV) but even this successful channel does not approach the ratings of two Hindi news channels: Aaj Tak and Zee News.

In the world of entertainment, Star Plus, home of the family soap, reigns supreme, with something like 40 programmes in the top 50. So successful is the new Star Plus formula that the channel is debating whether or not to bring back KBC – perhaps it doesn’t need it any longer. Other channels are trying hard to replicate the Star Plus formula.

हिन्दी फ़िल्में और बालीवुड

7) Bollywood is not just an Indian but a global phenomenon. Our films have reached half the world - the middle east , all of Africa , all of russia , the far east and the Indian diaspora everywhere - the half the world that Hollywood has not yet recognised. -- Mira Nair

8) Bollywood films reach upto 3.6 billion people around the world - a billion more than audience for Hollywood.

9) Hindi movies get 40% revenue from international market.

10) Bollywood: An Introduction to Hindi Cinema

The Indian movie business is the largest and most popular in the world. Over 1000 films are released annually, the bulk of which are filmed in Hindi. It is the Hindi-language industry that has come to affectionately be known as 'Bollywood'. Each year, Bollywood sells up to a million more cinema tickets world-wide than Hollywood.

Its current numero uno star Shah Rukh Khan has over a billion fans. Legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan was recently voted 'Star of the Millennium' by BBC Online readers, ahead of Lawrence Olivier and Alec Guinness.

Despite little or no coverage from mainstream Western media, limited-release Hindi films can be found shooting up the US Top 20 and UK Top 10 box office charts. In fact, it is being said that Bollywood movies are now grossing more money in Britain than British films ..

11) Parineeta enters UK film top 10

The Bollywood film Parineeta has made it to the UK top 10 in its first week of release after a premiere last week at the IIFA weekend in Amsterdam.

Last year Bollywood films constituted 12% of all releases in the UK. In total the 55 Hindi movies grossed nearly £9million, putting them way ahead of other foreign languages and just short of total earnings by UK made films.

12) Popularity of Hindi Movies in Indonesia

13) Bollywood is utopian: German film buff - IndiaGlitz.com
Bollywood, said Wenner, is fast being recognized across Europe as a counter to Hollywood. "People really love the spectacle of Bollywood. The scale, the breadth is really magnificent and that is attracting more and more viewers.

14) Hindi films in Iraq and Palestine

The coming of the Americans has in fact lead to Hindi films doing a roaring business from Basra to Baghdad to the Kurdish areas of Erbil, in northern Iraq. Says Adil Hamid Kalaf, 47, "25 to 30 per cent of all films sold in Iraq are Hindi films. With the Americans coming in, salaries of the government officials has increased. And with so many development projects going on the people have more money than before to spend."

हिन्दी गाने , पाप , राक
15) Hindi is the primary language of entertainment, media and journalism in India. Bollywood films and songs have particularly popularized Hindi at home and abroad. Modern pop Hindi music is highly popular with Indians settled around the world, including in America, Canada, London, Fiji, Trinidad, parts of Africa, and many countries of the Middle East. Film music has almost become an identity shawl for overseas Indians, many of whom love to sing and dance at the tunes of Hindi songs on Indian cultural and national holidays.

16) Why Learn Hindi
Furthermore, Indian music is becoming increasingly influential in mainstream music in the United States, with elements from the language and traditional songs being integrated into songs by artists such as Sting, Missy Elliot, Redman, Shania Twain and Madonna.

हिन्दी प्रिन्ट माध्यम

17) NRS 2005: 'Jagran' topples 'Bhaskar' to claim top slot

The NRS readership figures for 2005 :

Top 10 Newspapers

1. Dainik Jagran (2.11 crores)

2. Dainik Bhaskar (1.73 crores)

3. Eenadu (1.13 crores)

4. Hindustan (1.05 crores)

5. Amar Ujala (1.03 crores)
6. Daily Thanthi (93.7 lakhs)

7. Lokmat (88.21 lakhs)

8. Rajasthan Patrika (86.28 lakhs)

9. Times of India (80.64 lakhs)

10. Anand Bazar Patrika (70.10 lakhs)

Top 10 Magazines

1. India Today Hindi (1.06 crores)

2. Saras Salil (1.05 crores)

3. India Today English (62.54 lakhs)

4. Kungumam (55.71 lakhs)

5. Kumudam (46.640 lakhs)

6. Sarita (41.82 lakhs)

7. Grihashobha (41.07 lakhs)

8. Swati (39.53 lakhs)

9. Meri Saheli (27.97 lakhs)

10. Ananda Vikatan (27.41 lakhs)

These rankings exclude malayalam mags. Outlook has a readership of 17.32 lakhs.

हिन्दी पुस्तकों का बाजार

18) In the Rs 5,000-crore (Rs 50 billion) books market, Hindi titles have the largest share with 28 per cent followed by 22 per cent for English.

इन्टरनेट पर हिन्दी

19) Le Projet Gutenberg

India and China are half the population of the world. Nobody paysattention. There will be so much of Chinese and Hindi on the Internet itwill look totally different.

20) Internet goes Desi... And you can help !

There are hints that today's internet age is finally turning the tables. Since 1998, more new non-English websites are coming up than are English ones. ...

...Things are changing faster than you think. Here is a website for a Hindi encyclopedia - except it expects you to write it. This is the Hindi Wikipedia - an encyclopedia that everyone can contribute to. Do you have a favourite topic, something you know about? Go ahead, help contribute the cause of knowledge in Hindi. ...

जैसे-जैसे भारत की आर्थिक स्थिति सुदृढ होती जा रही है , साक्षरता बढती जा रही है , साधन सुलभ होते जा रहे है । इनको देखते हुए यही अनुमान है कि वह दिन दूर नही है जब इन्टरनेट पर भी हिन्दी वैसे ही छा जायेगी जैसे और सब जगह छा रही है ।

20 June, 2005

दयानिधि ने हिन्दी का मनोरथ भी पूरा किया

आज के अखबारों मे बडे-बडे विज्ञापन आये हैं । हिन्दी के तरह-तरह के फ़ान्ट , भारतीय ओपेन आफ़िस , आप्टिकल कैरेक्टर रिकाग्नीशन , टेक्स्ट से आवाज आदि अनेकानेक उपयोगी चीजें मुफ़्त उपलब्ध करायी जा रही है ।

दयानिधि महोदय इसके लिये निश्चित ही धन्यवाद के अधिकारी हैं ।

अब हम सबको देखना है कि अब कहाँ-कहाँ और कौन सी समस्या बच गयी है । इसके आगे क्या करना है ?

एक समाचार यहाँ है :

और एक यहाँ भी :


16 June, 2005

भूखे रहो , स्वस्थ रहो !

कुछ दिन पहले एक समाचार आया था कि जर्मनी मे एक व्यक्ति कई
वर्षों से बिना भोजन के सौर-उर्जा से ही जीवित है । भारत में उपवास
करने की परम्परा रही है । इसको हमारे पूर्वजों ने इतना लाभप्रद समझा
कि इसे धर्म का अंग ही बना दिया । किन्तु कुछ परदेशी विचारक भी हैं
जो उपवास की भूरि-भूरि प्रशंसा करते हैं और भोजन से यथासंभव दूर
रहने को हितकर मानते हैं :

1) "रोगी शरीर" को आप जितना अधिक पोषण देंगे , शरीर उतना ही
अधिक बिगडेगा । कम भोजन को आप सर्वश्रेष्ठ औषधि बना सकते हैं ,
वरना औषधियाँ ही आपका भोजन बन जायेंगी । --- हिप्पोक्रेट्स

2) Every morsel of food is a tax on our vital system. --( ? )

3) Fasting is the single greatest natural healing therapy I know.
Eldon Haas, M.D. in his book The Detox Diet,

४) वृद्धावस्था का आरम्भ बडी आँत मे स्वयं द्वारा संचित विषैले मल के
शोषण से होता है । --- डाँ मेचानीकाँफ़ , रूसी रोगाणु विशेषज्ञ

5) When properly utilized, fasting is a safe and effective means
of maximizing the body’s self-healing capacities. The results can
be truly amazing. --- Alan Goldhamer, D.C.

6) We're eating 10 times the amount of food that we need to keep
us going each day in a world where most of the people go to
bed hungry.
---- Storm Talifero (AKA "NutMan")

7) The ultimate diet for humans consists exclusively of uncooked
fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts and sprouted grains.
This is the only diet that will truly reverse your aging process.
------ Storm Talifero (AKA "NutMan")

जठराग्नि आहार को पचाती है और आहार के अभाव मे शरीर के दोषों
को नष्ट करती है । -- आयुर्वेद