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हिन्दी संगणन के उपकरण और उपयोग-विधि

Tools and Techniques for Hindi Computing

Hindi Help and FAQ

Can not see Hindi (Viewing Hindi pages on the Internet)

Wikipedia : Enabling complex text support for Indic scripts

"How to" at SARVAGYA : info about Hindi emailing, blogging and more..

Enabling and Typing Indian Languages in Microsoft Windows XP : Dr Indic

How to enable your computer read and write Hindi ( info on WIN & Linux based systems)

Display Problems ? : a short article at Unicode.com

How to Type Devanagari ( Hindi) on Computers - Recommended Devanagari editors

Multilingual Browsers & Email Clients : How to make them multilingual ?

Test for Unicode support in Web browsers for Devanagari

Use this tool to FIX your Hindi mail which is corrupted

Hindi Editing Tools

Online Tools

कुशीनारा हिन्दी तूलिका (बीटा)

यूनिनागरी : बिना ताम-झाम का देवनागरी टाइपराइटर

यूनिस्क्रिप्ट : Based on Inscript Keyboard

Hindi Unicode Editor (HUG-2)

हिन्दी संपादक तथा वर्तनी जाँचकर्ता

Hindi Keyboard ( Chhahari)

Gopi's Phonetic Roman to Unicode Hindi Converter

शिवालय हिन्दी लेखनी (UTF-8 Hindi Typerwriter)

अंकित जैन का आनलाइन यूनिकोड संपादक

Devanagari Generator

Girish Dalvi's D-Board and Sandbox

Hindi_Write from Angelfire

Transliterate to Hindi/Sanskrit

DiacWin Unicode - Keyboard Filter for Windows

WriteKA : a Roman to Hindi transliteration tool

Get2Home.com - Hindi : Hindi free text, Hindi email, Hindi search

Download for Offline Use

Baraha : free Indian languages editor

Hindi Unicode Editor (HUG-2)

यूनिकोड देवनागरी सम्पादित्र

छहारी देवनागरी टाईपराइटर

तख्ती : यूनिकोड हिन्दी सम्पादक


Maadhyam Devanagari Editor

HindiWriter - by Devendra Parakh

Akshar for Windows ( editor )

HindiTrans 2.0 (editor)

Ankit Jain's Hindi Editor with many keybords

Itranslator 2003 from Omkaranand Ashram

IWrite32 - A utility to write documents in Indian fonts

Hindi Indic IME Version 5.0 for Office 2003

MS Office 2003 Hindi : Information

Indian Scripts Input System (ISIS) - Unicode based, Supports many scripts

Yudit : a free Unicode editor for Devanagari and many others

Hindi Word-Processing

LEAP Office 2000 (Complete Indian Language Software)

ISM Office (Gets existing packages to work in Indian languages)

Lism (Linux based application for Indian languages)

iLEAP (Intelligent, Internet ready, Indian LanguageWordprocessor)

CHITRANKAN (Documentation made easy, Digitally)

ISM Publisher (Cost effective solution for Indian language publishing)

Apex Language Processor (Character based Wordprocessor)

The Apex Language Processor is an Indian language Word-Processor on DOS. This is a free version of the full software – ALP.

Download H-Word : Hindi word processor ver 2.0

MS Office 2003 Hindi : Information

Font Converters

Legacy Hindi Fonts to Unicode Converter (Online)

Shusha To Unicode Converter

Devanagari Font Conversion : FontSuvidha 5.0

जब कोई चारा न हो, हिन्दी लिखने के लिये प्रयोग करें : iTrans

iTrans to Devanagari Converter (Online)

iTrans to Devanagari Converter (free download)

Rupaantar : Universal Converter of Hindi files from IITK

Font Convertion among major Hindi Fonts from LTRC, IIIT (online)

Font Converters from LTRC, IIIT (for download)
Font converter allows you to do the following: If you have texts which
are font specific, you can convert them to ISCII (standard character
coding scheme) or to another font (14 fonts).

ISCII Plug-in for viewing texts in Devanagari fonts provided by CADC

Indian Dynamic Fonts

Devanagari (Hindi) Fonts: Complete Guide

TBIL Data Converter : Transliteration between data in font/ASCII/Roman format in Office documents into a Unicode form in any of 7 Microsoft-supported Indian languages

naamabhaaratii : Name transliteration program

हिन्दी छविया : Online Hindi to Image Converter (png)

Script Converters

गिरगिट : भारतीय लिपियों का परस्पर परिवर्तन का औजार

Anusaaraka is a computer software which renders text from one Indian language into another.

Girish Dalvi's Transliterator from Devanagari to major Indian Scripts

Hindi Unicode to Tamil Unicode Converter

Online Interface to Itrans : to generate documents in different Indian Scripts

Hindi Computing in MS Windows

Bhasha India Homepage

Windows Indic Script Support information

How to enable Hindi support at OS level in Windows?

Use the Indic IME to type (input) Hindi

इंडिक आई एम ई की मदद से हिंदी टाइप कीजिए

Download Hindi IME

Download Windows XP LIP (Hindi) if you want Hindi interface for Windows XP

Installing The Windows XP Hindi Language Interface Pack

Download Office 2003 LIP (Hindi) if you want Hindi interface for MS Office 2003

ऑफ़िस हिंदी : माइक्रोसॉफ़्ट की नई सौगात

Sorting in Hindi with MS Exel and MS Word


कुशिनारा शब्दकोष अल्फा : on-the-fly Hindi meaning of English terms on a webpage

Shabdakosh dot com : Eng -->Hindi (online)

Word AnyWhere : Hindi <--> English ; iTrans based

हिन्दी कोष एवं भाषान्तर ( Hindi Kosh & Bhashantar) : Hindi -->English

Indo WordNet - A Lexical database for Hindi ( Hin to Hin Dict)

हिन्दी --> हिन्दी विक्षनरी

Universal Word (English) to Hindi dictionary

Aksharmala English to Hindi Dictionary

Hindi German Dictionary

Urdu - Hindi Shabdkosh-1

Urdu - Hindi Shabdkosh-2

Eng -->Hin Dictionary (IIIT)

Unicode Eng-Hindi Dictionary

अंग्रेज़ी हिन्दी शब्दकोष पी॰डी॰ऍफ़॰ प्रारूप में

Similar sounding Hindi words

Many Dictionaries at Anukriti dot net

English-Hindi Dictionary from IIIT (download)

Shabdanjali English-Hindi dictionary (online)

'Shabdanjali' English-Hindi E-Dictionary

'Shabdanjali' English-Hindi utf Source files

Multilingual Open-mind word expert
खेल खेलो और दुनिया बदलो!

Online Dictionaries - Hindi Dictionaries

English --> Hindi dictionary with pronounciations ( vanasthali Vidyapeeth )

A dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi, and English (online)

Talking Dictionary

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2006 , English <-> Hindi , for Windows

Sanskrit and other Indian language Dictionaries

Apte Sanskrit Dictionary Search (transliteration based)

Bharatiya Bhasha Kosh : common platform for 14 Indian languages

Marathi-Hindi Dictionary

Kannada-Hindi Dictionary

Telugu-Hindi Dictionary

Punjabi-Hindi Dictionary

Calita Bengali-Hindi Dictionary

Dishi Bengali-Hindi Dictionary

Cultural and other Dictionaries

आध्यात्मिक शब्दावली ( SWARGAAROHAN )

Glossary of Hindu cultural words

English --> Hindi glossary of food items from Diabetes India

Mamata's Kitchen Glossary ( Hindi <--> English)

The Recipe Master Glossary

Bawarchi Glossary

Hindi Thesauri

Hindi Corpora

Hindi Morphological Tagger of Vasu Ranganathan

Hindi/Marathi/Telugu Morphological Analyser from LTRC IIIT (online)

Morphological Analysers (for download)
Morphological analyser allows you to get the analysis(The analysis
gives the root and other features such as gender, number, tense etc.)
of the word.

Search Hindi Corpus (online) from IITB

Indian Corpora

Hindi Corpus

Most Frequent Words In Indian Languages

Frequency of Words for Hindi

Hindi Lexical Databases and tools

Indo WordNet Online : A Lexical Database for Hindi

'SabdasUtra' from LTRC, IIIT (online)

English to Hindi Translation Softwares

MANTRA : Machine Assisted Translation

अंग्रेजी से हिन्दी अनुवाद सहाय्य सिस्टम (online)

Translation Support System(English-Hindi) from CDAC, Noida

Shakti Hindi (online experimental)

Download Anusaarakas (Marathi/ Telugu/ Kannada/ Panjabi <---> Hindi)
Anusaaraka is a computer software which renders text from one Indian
language into another.

Entrans is an online "translation" tool. The tool can be used by the online community to give suggestions for a list of English words/phrases that needs to be translated into a specific Indic Language.

Hindi to English Translation

PocketTran Translator Device

Statistical Machine Translation System (SMTS 4.0) from Language Weaver

Hindi Text to Speech ( TTS )

Two TTSs from IIIT Hyderabad and Prologix (Vaachak)

HIndi Text To Speech System from BLiSS ( Bolti Paati and others)

Dhwani TTS Prototype Online Demo (Java Version)

Vaachak : Info and Online Demo

Speech Recognition

Pen-based Handwriting

Hindi Optical Charecter Reading ( OCR )

Sansakrit OCR : SanskritReader

Hindi Optical charecter Reading

Hindi Glossaries

Download SHABDIKA from CDAC, Noida
Shabdika is a collection of glossaries of Audit, Accounting, banking, Administrative, IT Terminology Terms. This software gives the Hindi translation of all the terms of different areas.Shabdika has an easy user interface and includes following sections :

Hindi Technical Dictionaries

Glossary of Information Technology (IT)

Hindi Spell-checkers

Hindi Grammer checkers

Sorting Softwares


Hindi Programming System

हिन्दवी : Programming System for Indian Languages

MBasic ver 5.5 : Program to develop programs in Marathi Language

Popular Softwares available with Hindi Interface


Bharatiya OpenOffice

Mozila Firefox Internet Brouser

Opera web-browser

Indic Joomla : Open Source Content-mamagement System


Oracle 9.x

Windows XP with help of Windows XP LIP ( Hindi )

MS Office 2003 with help of Office 2003 LIP ( Hindi )

Hindi Learning tools

Web-LILA (Enabling Language Learning through Web)

LILA (Learn Indian Language through Artificial Intelligence)

Devanagari Learning Tools

Accha - a very good Devanagari learning free software

Hindi Mail

Corrupted Hindi E-mail Repair Tool for reconverting corrupted Unicode Hindi.

Sending and Receiving E-Mail in Hindi under Windows : An Overview

Multilingual Browsers & Email Clients

Web Dunia Mail : ePatra

Rediffmail : supports Hindi and other Indian languages ( inbuilt editors)

LEAP Mail (eMail in Indian Languages)

Mailing System for Indian Languages (from IITB)

Girish Dalvi's Unicode-Devanagari mailing tool (online)

Hind 2000 client for Hindi, English, Gujarati email

Send Hindi Email using online keyboard --> no software needed by the receiver

Mobile Computing

Indic Input for Mobile devices: Frequently Asked Questions[PDF]

Hindi User Interface : Nokia 3210

Saral Mobile sandesh (SMS) : Nokia 1100, 1108, 2300

Use of MT and TTS for Hindi Mobile Services-Introduction

मोबाइल वेब सामग्री

Hindi SMS


Send SMS in Hindi Unicode fron Fun-On-Phone

Multi-Language or Unicode SMS

Bulk SMS Service from Times_SMS_dot_com

Unicoded Hindi SMS from SMS_Warehouse

Unicode Hindi SMS from Its4SMS

TextMeFree - Your Free International SMS Guide

Hindi Search Engines

Raftaar_dot_com : searches Unicoded Hindi plus Hindi in Legacy fonts

Girish Dalvi's Search tool using Yahoo and Google engines

Google : seaches Unicoded Hindi only

Web Dunia Khoj : searches within WEBDunia site

Search at "Apana Guide" : transliteration based interface for inputting Hindi text available here

Get2Home.com - Hindi : Inscript keyboard interface for text input

Hindi Abstraction tools

Anveshak (Natural Language Based Information Retrieval System)

Saaraanshak (Natural Language based Summarizer)

Hindi Localisation Tools


LIPS (Indian Language Subtitling Solution)

LIPS Pro ( Language Subtitling Solution)

C-Vyasa (Sanskrit Authoring tool)

Bhagavadgita Reader

DESIKA (Natural Language Understanding System for Sanskrit)

GIST Card (Solution for Indian languages on DOS)

GISTOra Tools
(Server side database application development tool for the development and implementation of Indian Language enabled applications)

Document on ISCIIThis is an extract from the document on Indian Standard Code for Information Interchange.

The windows based application development kit for Indian languages is available for you to evaluate.

This is an Indian language Web application development tool for interactive applications which achieves browser independence for MS Windows based clients.

ISM Import
ISM Import is a utility that converts data from other font formats into ISFOC format.

LISM Linux based application for Indian languages

Hindi Vishwa_Kosh (Encyclopedia)

nScript from nCore : a complete multilingual software plug-in toolkit for embedded devices.

Acrobat Reader 7.0.5 Hindi Distribution (download)

Many Indian Languages Softwares from Lingua ( for purchase)

Plug-ins and Extensions

Windows XP LIP ( Hindi) : changes your XP user interface completely into Hindi

मॉज़िल्ला-फ़ॉयरफ़ॉक्स ब्राउज़र का एक नया एक्सटेंशन "पद्मा" : Displays unicoded Hindi and many non-unicoded sites without need to download fonts.

Known Problems , remedies and recommendations

1) Unicoded Hindi mail sent from Yahoo mail gets corrupted.

2) Mozila Firefox brouser displays "chhotee i kee matraa" after the consonent, and not before the consonent as it should be.


Essays and Articles on Tools and Techniques

What is Indic Computing ?

Indian Language Tecnology (ILT) VISION 2010 (pdf)

Web Internationalization in the context of Indian Languages

आइए, इनस्क्रिप्ट (InScript) सीखें

An Introduction to Writing Systems : A review of script characteristics affecting computer-based script support and Unicode

Why India is struggling with localized language computing

IBM's Glossary of Unicode Terms

Creating Hindi Web Pages

यूनिकोड क्या है?

What is Unicode?

Unicode Enabled Products ( softwares)

The Unicode Charecter codes for Devanagari

Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology (pdf)

Language Technology : a fast overview, by Hans Uszkoreit

Penn State University's Role in Facilitating International (multilingual) Computing

Guide to Localization(CDAC)

Indic and General Computing References

देवनागरी : everything about using Devanagari on computers

Sarvagya : Hindi Ka Sahakaarii Gyaankosh

Unicode Home Page

SIL International Home

Linguistics Computing Resources on the Internet from SIL

South Asia Language Resorce Centre

References Material for Multilingual Computing at CET

World Wide Web (W3C) Consortium

W3C Mobile Web Initiative (MWI)



Do you know ?

Gmail supports Hindi Unicode in subject also.

Devanagari Fonts

How to install fonts ?

Devanagari Unicode Fonts for Windows

Gallery of Devanaagarii Unicode Fonts

Devanaagarii Font Complete Guide

Alan Wood's utilities for Unicode and Multilingual File Conversion, Font and Keyboard for Windows


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